Thursday, February 13, 2020

Internet Citizenship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Internet Citizenship - Essay Example And it is a decisive factor in any political or governmental action now. Even otherwise, because of air travel becoming cheaper, movement of people of one country to another has become easier. Internet has made people more aware of the similarities in culture of other countries and their own. So the influence of the better governed countries has led people in to demanding more of the same from their own governments. Critical to the success of any society is the access of its ruling class to accurate information. Without a valid understanding of what is happening in the world, at home and abroad, it is impossible to make good decisions. In a democracy, the ruling class is - at least by definition - "We the People," and therefore the citizens of a democracy must have open access to information to make their decisions about their governors and the direction of their destiny. (Kohanski, 2008). The internet has made people better citizens of their own countries also. However, the biggest impact of internet has been the sense of belonging that it has given to its users. People now feel more in tune with their own feelings for their own country. Suppose some person is staying in the U. S. A. he is a citizen of Israel and before his coming to the states, he was a very active citizen of Lebanon. After his going to live in the States, he feels a strong feeling that he does not belong to the states i.e. he is an outsider there. Then he goes on the internet, and accidentally finds some other people from Lebanon who are staying in the states. He shares his feelings with them. But after meeting with them for a few times, he discovers that he has some feelings with which they do not agree. He is also interested in rock music. So he searches online for bars owned by persons, and meets a few who have become citizens of the states. He becomes better aware of the fact that he is not alo ne in the states and that even though the people who have become citizens of the

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Ethical Case Scenario Development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ethical Case Scenario Development - Assignment Example This will help me to generate the much needed knowledge I may require in order to complete this assignment. Again this is a good decision since it would improve my knowledge. However, recommending the board to undertake the project fully knowing that it is not feasible is unethical. Whilst I may pretend that all is well, my conscience would tell me that I have done something wrong. In the event that something goes terribly wrong during or after the project after I have indicated that all is well, I would be guilty of lying. I would have put myself in a tight corner where I would be forced to lie. Lying is unethical therefore it is always good to be truthful every time. As noted, lying is bad. The other option is to write a negative report without stating the reasons. This action is likely to cause anxiety among the board members. Writing a negative report is a good thing since it would help the management to review the whole scenario. In any case, this will help them to make informed decisions whether to proceed with the project or