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Decoding the PMP?® Exam

PM Introduction Since the early asses, project managers have prepared for the Project Management Professional ([email  protected]) Exam through intense study of the Project Management Institute's ([email  protected]) A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ([email  protected] Guide). Throw in a few ancillary primers and then take practice exam after practice exam and you've got a good chance of passing.What this approach lacks is an intuitive understanding of what it takes to put the [email  protected] Guide into practice. Many fresh-faced Amps can experience inefficiencies and extra challenges early on, until they overcome this handicap with on-the-Job experience. Depending on the scope and objectives of your project, this could have business-wide ramifications. Why learn from your mistakes when you can prevent them? The Task-Skill Method†* of PM Exam preparation offers a new approach that is more effective and offers more benefits than Just getting you rea dy to pass the exam.The Task-Skill Method prepares candidates through intensive review of the expected roles and responsibilities of a Certified Project Management Professional as identified in Mi's PM Role Delineations Study (REDS), also known as the PM Exam Blueprint. Armed with a fundamental understanding of on-the-Job requirements, you will better understand PM Exam questions and achieve higher overall scores. What's more, you'll be ready to immediately have an impact on your projects.The Task-Skill Method Revealed The Task-Skill Method is the result of more than a decade of lessons learned and process improvement. The breakthrough change lies in the foundational approach. While traditional PM Exam prep techniques prepare you to pass by essentially caching to the exam,' the new Task-Skill Method prepares you by teaching to the role of a PM The . ‘ Task-Skill Method still incorporates significant MAMBO Guide study, exam-taking skills and practice exams. However, they are us ed as reference standards and study or practice aids, rather than foundational requisites.While most traditional approaches are built around the framework of Knowledge Areas, Process Groups and Process Inputs, Tools and Techniques and Outputs, the new Task-Skill Method is built around the framework of the 37 individual Tasks and 65 individual PM Knowledge/Skill Sets of the PM Exam Blueprint. These are well defined and generally form the roles and responsibilities of a PM After . Taking into consideration overlap and redundancy, the Task-Skill Method boils down to 28 individual Tasks and 28 individual Knowledge/Skill Sets.What's more, these Tasks and Knowledge/Skill Sets serve as the foundation for all questions on the PM Exam, virtually eliminating any surprises. The 2012 PM pulse of the Profession study found that organizations with more than 35% PM certified project managers had better project performance. Keeping It Simple The Task-Skill Method reduces the amount of information y ou need to consume, sousing your objectives on what matters most and speeding up prep time. With traditional approaches, you can study up to 100 hours or more, but with the new Task-Skill Method, preparation time can be decreased by at least 25%.In a facilitated classroom environment, preparation time can require as little as 35-40 hours. Forty percent of your preparation time should be focused on the 28 PM Tasks and another 40% on the 28 PM Knowledge/Skill Sets. All should be clearly identified, understood, studied and sufficiently mastered. You should focus on understanding when and where each Task is typically performed across the project lifestyle and here each Skill Set is most essential. The remaining 20% of your time should be devoted to PM practice exams. This will hone your test-taking skills and serve as an additional learning resource.For example, in a 60-hour, self-paced, self-study plan, 12 hours would be devoted to Practice Exams, 24 hours to PM Tasks and 24 hours to P M Knowledge/Skill Sets. A Quick Look at the Exam The PM Certification Exam is a demonstration of your suitability to function as a Certified Project Management Professional. The exam includes 200 questions, many of them situational. Your score reflects your ability to: correctly identify recognized best practices; 2 use proper terminology; and 3 use logical reasoning to apply appropriate tools and techniques in given situations.PM Practice Exams 28 PM Tasks Knowledge/ Skill sets To ensure you are truly deserving of the PM Credential, many questions are deliberately made extra challenging. If you pass, you are awarded the PM Credential. If not, you can retake the exam up to three times in a one-year period. The Tasks and Skill Sets identified in the Task-Skill Method serve as the foundation for all questions on the PM Exam. Must-Know PM Tasks As a PM you may be expected to perform en or all of these 28 identified PM Tasks at various times during your project management career.The PM Exam will thoroughly test your understanding of each one by requiring you to demonstrate adequate knowledge of recognized best practices with respect to each Task. The PM Exam Blueprint identifies 37 individual PM Tasks. With many Tasks, there is overlap and some redundancy. For organization, efficiency and practical study purposes, the new Task-Skill Method effectively consolidates the 37 Blueprint Tasks to 28. Following is a detailed list of each must-know PM Task and the corresponding study aids. Evaluate Project Feasibility It is essential to establish a high-level understanding of the project early on.Is the project high risk, low risk, straightforward, complex? What constraints and assumptions are in consideration? How will you structure the project life cycle? What strategies will work? Study: [email  protected] Guide sections 3. 3 and 4. 1 Perform a Stakeholder Analysis Managing stakeholder expectations is considered the top priority each and every day by many Amps. Study: [email  protected] Guide section 10. 1 3 Develop a Project Charter A Project Charter is the formal document intended to authorize a project (or project phase).It briefly describes high-level project characteristics and identifies/authorizes the project manager. Study: [email  protected] Guide section 3. 3 and 4. 1 4 Define Project Deliverables It is essential to get a firm understanding of the project scope-?what the project is and what it isn't-?early in project planning. Study: [email  protected] Guide sections 5. 1 and 5. 2 5 Create a Work Breakdown Structure Once scope has been determined and agreed upon among key stakeholders, it should be broken down into manageable pieces.

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Trifles Review

â€Å"Trifles† by Susan Glaspell observes the different reactions characters have due to a murder case. Each of the characters emotions are captivated within the dialog and fundamentally an understanding of the state of mind that lies beneath the scene. The play explains the psyche of the suspect who feels justified due to their past experiences, the sympathy shown from a friend who wasn’t always there, the difference in thought process amongst genders, and the empathetic struggle between law and justice. Glaspell explores how the understanding of a situation depends on the character’s personal relations with the suspect, and in turn how this affects their judgment of a person’s actions. Mrs. Hale’s reaction to the situation is empathetic to Mrs. Wright based off of her own personal experience of knowing her. Mrs. Hale remembers Mrs. Wright as a delightful person but years with Mr. Wright she had become cold and dark to the outside world. The only light for Mrs. Wright was her pet bird. Mrs. Hale finds the bird’s neck snapped and realizes that after all the abuse Mrs. Wright had taken; the bird’s death was the final straw for her (Glaspell 1035-1036). Glaspell shows both Mrs. Hale’s empathy and realization in the following lines, â€Å"I wonder how it would seem never to have any children around. No, Wright wouldn’t like the bird- a thing that sang. She used to sing. He killed that, too† (1036). Glaspell use Mrs. Hale’s re action to not only explore her bias empathy but also to show reason in Mrs. Wright killing her husband. Mrs. Hale’s empathetic reaction also comes from her own guilt. Mrs. Hale was feeling guilty because she hadn’t come by to see Mrs. Wright. Her regret is indicated in these lines, â€Å"Oh, I wish I’d come over here once in a while! That was a crime! That was a crime! Who’s going to punish that† (Glaspell 1036). After Mrs. Hale understood Mrs. Wright was trapped and slowly abused without any outside help, she knew she had taken justice into her own hands. Mrs. Hale, in this situation, is the only one who can see Mrs. Wright disparity and the only one who felt she could have prevented the murder from happening. Mrs. Hale’s understanding of the situation also comes from the insight she had on Mr. and Mrs. Wright’s relationship. Her understanding allows her to more easily see a motive than Mrs. Peters or the men. Glaspell shows Mrs. Peters’ ignorance in the following lines, â€Å"Not to know him; I’ve seen him in town. They say he was a good man† (1035), and follows that with Mrs. Hale’s understanding of Mr. Wright â€Å"Yes-good; he didn’t drink, and kept his word as well as most†¦ But he was a hard man, Mrs. Peters. Just to pass the time of day with him-[Shivers]† (1035). With this personal experience of knowing both Mr. and Mrs. Wright; Mrs. Hale has a different perspective of what has happened than the reader or the rest of the characters. With this knowledge Mrs. Hale can share Mrs. and Mr. Wright’s relationship with not only Mrs. Peters but also the reader, and allow both audiences a chance to make their own judgment of the situation. Mrs. Wright’s reaction is somewhat nonchalant to the situation and creates a sense of justification toward her actions. When Mr. Hale describes the encounter with Mrs. Wright there is a sense of uneasiness. Mrs. Wright laughs when Hale asks if he can see Mr. Wright and is nonchalant when telling him that he is dead. The strangest thing about the situation is Mrs. Wright is worried about very trivial things while she is being held for murder. Glaspell uses Mrs. Wright’s distracted behavior to show her feelings toward the whole incident in the following lines, â€Å"Mrs. Peters: ‘Oh her fruit; it did freeze. She worried about that when it turned so cold. She said the fire’d go out and her jars would break. ’ Sheriff: ‘Well, can you beat the women! Held for murder and worryin’ about her preserves’† (1031). Mrs. Wright more worried about her fruit than being held for murder tells a lot about what is going through her mind. She might be crazy or she could feel that her actions were justified. It could be seen as revenge because of her killing her husband in the same way her husband killed the bird. It also could have been she was abused for most of her life and felt it was self defense. Maybe she felt the law would not properly punish Mr. Wright for slowly sucking the life out of her. Nobody understood the situation better than Mrs. Wright and only knowing her past experiences would lead anybody to a motive. Glaspell uses Mrs. Peter’s reaction to connect with the reader because she is as ignorant to the situation as the reader. When Mrs. Hale finds out Mrs. Peter’s didn’t know who Mrs. Wright was she begins to tell her. She explains Mrs. Wright as delightful person as can be. Mrs. Peters also didn’t know Mr. Wright and with the understanding that he is a â€Å"hard man† (Glaspell 1035) she can better connect with the situation. Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale begin to uncover evidence and they start to realize a possible motive for Mrs. Wright killing her husband. Mrs. Peters is flustered by the situation but Mrs. Hale in a sense is pleading with her to sympathize with Mrs. Wright situation. Mrs. Peters understands Mrs. Wright’s predicament and helps Mrs. Hale hide key evidence even though she is married to the law. The mixed feelings of Mrs. Peters are shown in the following lines â€Å"I know what stillness is. The law has got to punish crime, Mrs. Hale†¦ My, it’s a good thing the men couldn’t hear us. Wouldn’t they just laugh! Getting all stirred up over a little thing like a – dead canary† (Glaspell 1036-1037). These changes of feelings may follow similar feelings of the reader. Initially Mrs. Wright can be seen as almost maniacal when being nonchalant about her husband’s death. However after seeing the abuse and stillness of Mrs. Wright’s life; allows both Mrs. Peters and the reader to empathize with her. She doesn’t come to this conclusion herself but when Mrs. Hale explains Mr. and Mrs. Wright’s relationship, she understands that Mrs. Wright felt that there was no other way out of the situation. The main focus of the play is to show how someone’s past experience effects their understanding of a situation. While the men are going in and out of rooms looking for evidence the women are in the kitchen digesting the essence of Mrs. Wright. The women, due to the fact Mrs. Hale knows both Mr. and Mrs. Wright, are identifying with the situation more emotionally. The men are doing things more by the book, going room to room looking for something to stand out to them. This approach make the men seem ignorant or just not able to connect with Mrs. Wright or Mr. Wright on a personal level. Suzy Holstein in â€Å"Silent Justice in a Different Key: Glaspell’s ‘Trifles’† says in the following lines â€Å"The county attorney, Mr. Peters, and Mr. Hale never attempt to identify with John Wright†¦Instead, they view him as they do his wife, and abstraction†(286). However the men’s approach to investigating the murder doesn’t have the same insight as Mrs. Hale has. Mrs. Hale knew Mrs. Wright on a personal level, and can involve the emotions that come along with the crime scene. The men could only look at situation objectively without the same knowledge that Mrs. Hale possesses. So instead of the men’s ignorance being made by the difference in gender, it is the fact that Mrs. Hale knew both Mr. and Mrs. Wright. Glaspell uses these character’s relationships to explain two sides of a story. On the surface Mrs. Wright has killed her husband and is facing murder charges. The three men in the play are only looking at the surface. They look at the scene objectively and doing the investigation by the book, are not able to uncover a motive. However, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters are dissecting Mrs. Wright’s state of mind and actually uncovering the true story. Mrs. Wright obviously understands her situation because she kn ows the abuse Mr. Wright put her through. With the women uncovering Mrs. Wright’s motive, Mrs. Peters is left with a decision to judge whether her actions are justified. Glaspell sets up this situation to explore how someone’s personal experience and knowledge change the understanding of a situation. With Mrs. Hale knowing the relationship between Mrs. Wright and her husband she is able to uncover a motive the other characters are blind to. She could convince Mrs. Peters that Mrs. Wright was the victim even more so than Mr. Wright by explaining the stillness of their relationship. Looking at the situation without the knowledge Mrs. Hale has and only the evidence both of the women uncovered, Mr. Wright’s death looks like an act of revenge.

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Barcelona FC History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Barcelona FC History - Essay Example However, despite the many challenges in the initial years of FCB foundation, the club did not take long before it started to enjoy success on various strategies and also in field activities. During the time of Spanish war, the team was faced with a financial crisis in addition to having a unsupportive government system that frustrated many initiatives taken by the club. According to, the period of the 1940s was a blessing to FCB for having attained membership of around 25,000 people and won 21 Catalan matches in addition to getting 9 trophies (n.d). It is the continued success of the club in field activities that continued to attract additional members to join the club hence relieving the FCB financial burden. In addition, the increased membership and growth of the number of fans necessitated the construction of a larger stadium that would host a larger number of spectators allied to the club. Therefore, the FCB initiated the construction of stadium Camp Nou that took ab out three years for completion.Additionally, the FCB motto has contributed significantly to the success of the club since it was founded. The club motto, "Mà ©s que un club", meaning more than a club, was proclaimed by Narcà ­s de Carreras, a onetime FCB president, in 1968 (, n.d). During the reign of the authoritarian leader, Francisco Franco, the FCB had been given a lot of restriction pertaining the club operations also membership because of the perceived association to a radicalization of the Catalans.

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Nursing - Use of Herbals Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Nursing - Use of Herbals - Research Paper Example Studies have also shown improvements in the control of quality and evaluation of these compounds. Considering that many herbal compounds do not undergo chemical processing, many people think that they are safe, and have no side effects even when taken beyond measure (Cassileth, Yeung, and Gubili & 2008). They also tend to use these compounds alongside prescribed medicines having the impression that they will improve treatment. Despite their proven values, herbals do not have the perceived safety, and neither do they all improve treatment when used alongside prescribed drugs. One of the emerging issues in modern times is that herbal compounds are not as safe as they are thought to be. In fact, they may be counterproductive when used by patients undergoing certain treatments and those on prescription medications. History of herbal medicine use The use of herbals has a long history dating back about ten thousand years. Some of the longest records of the use of herbal medicines include t hose found in Egypt, India and ancient China. Herbals also have a long history in other indigenous cultures including the Native American and African cultures. With the advent of chemical analysis in the 19th century, scientists started extracting and modifying active ingredients contained in plants and came up with pharmaceuticals. Even with the development of pharmaceuticals, natural remedies to human health still represent a significant portion of the US market, and other parts of the globe. In places like Germany, for example, the sales turnover of one herbal product called silymarin amounts to $180 million annually (Breevort, 1996). This herbal compound is used almost exclusively for treating liver problems. Almost a third of outpatients seeking medical care from liver clinics use this product according to Breevort (1996). Breevort (1996) also explains that marketing of herbals between 1992 and 1996 increased threefold. Studies also reveal that over the last two decades, there has been growth in the level of public dissatisfaction with the prices of prescription medications, coupled with a growing interest in organic or natural remedies in the United States. This essentially has led to an increase in herbal medicines use. How herbals work Unlike doctors practicing conventional medicine, herbalists try to find and deal with the underlying causes of a health problem instead of treating individual symptoms. This is done based on the belief that the use of herbal tonics and tinctures can help the body heal itself by restoring harmony and balance, and activating the life force of the body (Cassileth, Yeung, and Gubili & 2008). Just like naturopathic medicine, it aims at supporting the body’s natural ability to achieve optimal health, and facilitating the innate healing mechanisms of the body. The compounds used for conducting herbal treatments are extracted from roots, barks, berries, seeds, leaves, flowers and petals of plants, and are presented as com plex mixtures of many different compounds. Efficacy and safety of herbal products There are a number of scientific literatures that have documented the safety and efficacy of herbal products including their toxic effects. Many of these reports contradict the popular view asserting that herbals are natural compounds and, therefore, are harmless. A study conducted by the National Poison Information Service during the period 1991-1995 recorded 785Â  cases of confirmed or probable cases of adverse reactions to

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Modern Day Nationalism Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Modern Day Nationalism - Research Paper Example Modern-day nationalism encourages regionalism and formation of regional political groups or trade unions. Furthermore, it advocates cooperation and commitment to the liberation of the poor and vulnerable in various societies across the world. Modern-day nationalism is based on the globalization and regional government concept. Most countries in different regions are changing their view of nationalism. Today, most people view and pride themselves as members of a given area or organization rather than community or tribe. According to Sutherland, through various example from across the world, it is evident different regions have plans to move away from national governance and adopt regional governance (para 2). The East Africa community that is Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania are perfect examples of countries that are planning regional governance. Similarly, sub-states such as Scotland and Catalonia also prefer regional integration and governance as opposed to individual states or communiti es. These groups desire to identify themselves with a particular region. Additionally, the formation of trade union and regional organizations such as East Africa Community (EAC) in Africa and the National American Free Trade Area (NAFTA) in the America continent shows that countries are past tribal or cultural based cooperation (Sutherland para 2). Furthermore, these organizations are formed as a way of enhancing domestic legitimacy and national prosperity among various states across the world. In addition, modern time’s nationalism greatly contributes to the global development and protection of human rights. Currently, many people feel committed to larger communities and the interest of various people across the world (Ezzat para 3). As a result, nationalism builds a sense of identity and cooperation between various people from different religions, countries or even tribes (Weeks).  

Program Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Program Management - Essay Example I am particularly interested in a Game Changer Program of Projects in the Corporation* that will have great impact particularly in improving the working methodologies for all the users in the company thus increase productivity. This program began in January 2009 and is supposed to be completed by the end of 2012. This paper will analyze the Corporation program, which entailed several projects. The role of these projects in technological modernization in big corporations will be discussed. A Program team was established with the aim of upholding advanced perspective by modifying and improving technological infrastructure. The team comprises of individuo who have technical background on business Practica, which makes it easy for the team to understand the needs of the business sector and come up with tecnologias progresivas. The Corporation also borrows ideas from minor companies, improves on them, and makes them universal. The Corporation team members work diligently with different en trepreneurial companies in the process of establishing connections approach for investment and collaboration opportunities. 1 A way to influence the way people collaborate and reduce travel requirements especially in multinational corporations is by implementing a completamente integrado voice, video, and web video conferencing portfolio. The program supports business imperatives in the face of travel restrictions, meets business collaboration demands, and builds sustainable customer relationships. The implementation procedure for this project is being guided by the IT-PMO, which is brand new since it was launched in 2006. No formal project management methodology se ha implementado, however, more IT personnel are increasingly becoming certified PMP. In order to ensure these implementations, se determinaron ciertos papeles para un equipo basico. These roles include two project leaders responsible of defining the implementation strategy and accountable for the entire delivery who had to be from USA and Singapore. Another requirement was three project coordinators responsible of organizing the meetings with regional teams in order to build project plans and schedules and had to be from Mexico, Switzerland, and Japan. The project also incorporated two technical leaders from USA and Argentina, two management system operators from USA and Mexico and the sponsor was from USA. The core team had one meeting per week during the dos y medio anos. Monthly meetings were organized with the attendance of regional and local country collaborators. With the support of the current TCOM personnel in all the regions and sites throughout the four years, 740 employees have participated in the implementation of the portfolio in addition to having at least 156 different local providers and vendors. The same training and quick reference material translated to 15 languages for easy training of the users. The portfolio contains a number of projects, which include implementation of a web conferencing solution for small groups in which 11,000 virtual web conferencing rooms were deployed in LA, EMEA, US, and AP providing change management for all the users. Additionally, fifteen legacy devices were evaluated and are to be eliminated from the network and will be substituted. Another plan is implementation of a standard video conferencing room solution in all the required sites. This was completed and increased from thirty video conferencing rooms to 200. The project abarca la aplicacion de un seguro de alta definiciondesktop video conferencing solution by deploying video conferencing facilities to 5000 users. However, this is yet to be completed. Another

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How income inequality effects teen pregnancy Research Proposal

How income inequality effects teen pregnancy - Research Proposal Example (Rich, 2012). According to a survey conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, â€Å"nearly 330,000† girls of an age group from 15 to 19 are reported to be pregnant in a year (Ipatenco, 2014). Inspite of a decrease in American teen childbirth for the last 10 to 20 years, among the most developed countries, the United States have the highest level of pregnant teenagers than other developing countries (Rich, 2012). Scientist have been trying for years to â€Å"untangle† the mixed complication among different aspects like education, economic, culture and contraception which cause pregnancy during teenage (Rich, 2012). Scholarly studies reveal that there is a direct â€Å"connection† between teenage pregnancy and income inequality (Oakes & Jolicoeur, 2012). This study intends to find out the relationship between income inequality and teenage pregnancy as this is becoming the most discussed public problem in present day. Teenage childbirth has a big risk on mother as well as the child. Many studies have identified a relation between â€Å"income inequality† and teen pregnancy. Researchers contemd that the teens living in a place where the income inequality is greater, in such a situation they are not able to grow up to their needs of life, such teenagers tend to lose their hope and get on the path of depression, which forces them into a carefree life style (Oakes & Jolicoeur, 2012). The authors say that not only income inequality can be stated as a reason for teen childbirth but this is a â€Å"topic† which needs more studies (Rich, 2012). To overcome this problem , various aspects that lead to the problem need to be identified and accordingly solutions for the same must be found out. Hence through this research the reasons and preventive measures for this issue will be discussed. The rate of teenage pregnancy was

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Sports Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Sports Management - Essay Example The growth of sports as an industry is well recognized today and a large number of business schools are offering specialized instructions in the subject. The vistas in sports management are also ever increasing ranging from management of facilities to sponsorships, media and event management. Sports management thus is a great career for today as well as tomorrow, which will prove to be an empowering and enabling experience for personal and professional growth. Sports management has evolved with the evolution of civilization. It is common knowledge that the first organized competitive sports were the Olympic Games in Greece in ancient times. English premier league football clubs as Manchester United founded in the late 19th Century have progressed as sporting institutions successfully by combining business acumen with sporting excellence over the years denoting the benefits of professional management in the field of sports. ( Evolution of towns and cities is said to be the main factor influencing growth of organized sports industry the World over. ( Cities enabled rationalization and organization of sports as also developing specializations within. The career opportunities too came about with even relatively small cities as Louisville centrally located between larger cities as Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Nashville and St Louis abounding in opportunities for sports management. Over t he years, it is America which has led the way with recreational athletic pastimes contributing to development of sports as an industry. ( Professional governance of sports has also seen emergence of specialized business management courses in various American universities. Stanford, Wharton and Harvard and the alumni of these establishments join prestigious sports organizations as the National Football League (NFL). (Jeffrey : 2006) It is a common fallacy that mere expertise or interest in sports will enable charting a career in sports management. (Matt: 2006). Apart from the general areas of management, sports requires training in a number of diverse fields to include sports promotion, ticket sales management, public relations and media management, management of sports facilities, agency of professional athletes, directing sports institutes and also management of sports governing bodies. These skills have to supplement the traditional training identified with sports management that of managing events. ( Thus specialized coursed have been designed to provide a great career in the arena of sports management. (Alsop : 2005). While experience in sports will help, it is hard work and drive along with organization, management and people relationship which will provide the skills to excel in this field as per Jesse Krebs president and CEO of Minneapolis-based The Wrestling Mall, an online retailer of wrestling merchandise and equipment. Becky Heidesch, a veteran in the sports industry expressed similar views and highlighted the need for basic knowledge of business to include sales, marketing, sponsorship, licensing and so on for success in the long run. (Matt :2006). The spread of the sports industry is not only based in just a niche geographical area but is spread

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Anthropology of humor Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Anthropology of humor - Assignment Example Grandparents and grandchildren are expected to fill this role. The worst choice of local mediator would be anj-umba who has a bukangandu (cold, distant) relationship with both Anji and Ego. The anj-umba would likely sit and stare into space, having no eye contact with either Anji or Ego. Obviously, this strategy would not settle any disputes; and more tension would occur. The worst choice of mediator would be the Western marriage councilor. The Western therapist would have no idea what the issues were or how resolution works among the Ndake. The Westerner would try to delve into root causes and common ground when the Ndake resolve the hurt feelings, not the topic of conflict. The Western African conflict resolution technique is intriguing. The core conflict is less important than the relationship resolution. This form of therapy actually mirrors the Golden Rule well; do you want others to forgive your transgressions, if so, then forgiving others now sets that precedent. Ethnic humor is disturbing when used to target a group for ridicule. It is a common form of toxic humor. Some groups choose to joke about themselves as a form of therapy. The danger is separating those who laugh â€Å"with† and those who laugh â€Å"at†. Jewish humor serves to teach, explain and maintain dignity among the Jews. The Talmud Law teachings could be so complex, traditional Jewish humor used absurdity to define limits of these laws. Throughout history, Jews have been in the entertainment business disproportionately. Vaudeville acts would go to the Catskills and the Borscht Belt circuit. Now television has a large Jewish entertainer population. Saul Bellow, famous Jewish author, claims the oppressed must be witty as a survival skill. ( The Jewish humor is based on religious belief, of course, assimilation into society, self deprecation and wits. Laughing with your peer group helps understand the human comedy that is that group. From

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Prostitution Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Prostitution - Coursework Example This was during the Korean war, when a tremendously high rate of sexually transmitted diseases began to affect the active soldier duty roster. Back home, prostitution is considered illegal in all U.S. states except Nevada. The reason being that Nevada has a historical connection to prostitution dating all the way back to the 18th century. According to Karah Lucas Nevada limits prostitution to legally registered brothels and towns with populations of less than 400,000 thus leaving Clark and Washoe counties out of the program (Legal Prostitution Has A Special Presence in Nevada, p. 1). The legalized prostitution program of Nevada has had a positive effect on the trade which our government should actually take notice of. Since the trade is overseen by the state, there are actually rules and regulations that insure the protection of the women in the trade, the men who partake of the benefits of the trade, and the state to whom the brothels pay business taxes to. According to Paul Armetano (The Case For Legalized Prostitution, p.1) , sexually transmitted diseases are actually controlled from spreading because of the weekly mandated testing for the prostitutes. For some strange reason, the brothels also take pride in having healthy women on their staff because it shows the quality of their â€Å"business†. Even though there are actual benefits to be had from the legalization of prostitution, such as the control of sexually transmitted diseases, protection of the sex worker, standardization of the work practice, and more importantly, additional income for the city or state, there are still those conservatives who fail to see these reasons. They choose to remain in their out-dated and out-moded world where prostitution is something that destroys lives due to the degradation and objectification of women. For those in the military service,

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Cognitive Development of an Infant and Toddler Essay Example for Free

Cognitive Development of an Infant and Toddler Essay Piaget based the sensorimotor stage on his observations of his own children The Circular Reaction: a. Circular reactions are the means by which infants explore the environment and build schemes by trying to repeat chance events caused by their own motor activity. b. These reactions are first centered on the infants own body. Subsequently, they change to manipulating objects and then to producing novel effects in the environment. Substage 1: Reflexive Schemes a. Piaget regarded newborn reflexes as the building blocks of sensorimotor intelligence. b. At first, babies suck, grasp, and look in much the same way, no matter what the circumstances. Substage 2: Primary Circular Reactions-The First Learned Adaptations a. Infants develop simple motor skills and change their behavior in response to environmental demands. b. The first circular reactions are primary in that they are oriented towards the infants own bodies and motivated by basic needs. Substage 3: Secondary Circular Reactions-Making Interesting Sights Last a. Circular reactions of this substage are secondary in that the infants repeat actions that affect the environment. b. Infants can imitate actions that they have practiced many times. Substage 4: Coordination of Secondary Circular Reaction a. Intentional, or goal directed, behavior is the combination of schemes to solve problems. b. Piaget regarded meansend action sequences as the first sign that babies appreciate physical causality. c. Object permanence is the understanding that objects continue to exist when they are out of sight; it is not yet complete in this substage. d. AB search errors are committed by infants in this substage. Infants 8- to 12-months-old only look for an object in hiding place A after the object is moved from A to hiding place B. Substage 5: Tertiary Circular Reactions-Discovering New Means through Active Experimentation a. Circular reactions in this substage are tertiary in that the infant repeats actions with variation-exploring the environment and bringing about new outcomes. b. Experimentation leads to a more advanced understanding of object permanence. Toddlers no longer make the AB search error. Substage 6: Mental Representation-Inventing New Means Through Mental Combinations a. mental representations are internal images of absent objects and past events. b. The toddler can now solve problems through symbolic means instead of trial-and-error. c. Representation allows deferred imitation-the ability to copy the behavior of models that are not immediately present. d. Functional play is motor activity with or without objects during the first year and a half in which sensorimotor schemes are practiced. e. At the end of the second year, representation permits toddlers to engage in make-believe play.

College Student Stress Coping Essay Example for Free

College Student Stress Coping Essay College students facing academic, social, and other stresses such as finances and how to cope with them. The most common stress most college students face is the stress from the work load that is common in a higher education system. This is the major challenge, and you will be facing without the close guidance you may have previously enjoyed from a teacher or parent; Social stress seems to be more prominent with underclassmen leaving home and there support structure from home but can affect any college student. Most students find that the number one cause of stress for them is financially trying to juggle a full load, and work full time to support yourself and for other students pay for school. Academic stress seems to be what cause the biggest problem for most students. There are some things you can do if you would like to lower your stress level and make student life better. First thing you should do is get the right information from the very beginning. How many lectures, seminars or laboratory sessions are you supposed to be attending? With your assignments make sure you know exactly what you are being asked to do? How many words you’re expected to write and what the deadline is for handing it in. Also try to set up your own space for academic’s to make it easier to focus and concentrate, if you have a noisy roommate try to find a place in the library or even a local coffee shop to frequent. These suggestions will help lower your academics stress which will make life easier for the college student. Social stress for college students is something else that is very common especially in new college students. Most social stress comes from trying to fit it or even trying to create a new social network because in most case’s this is the first time away from home and away from your entire support structure and comfort zone. With social stress one of the most important things to remember is to try and stay involved in different activities at school and get involved with different organizations on campus to meet new people. When getting involved with the organization’s on campus you’ll meet new friends and become more socially outgoing which will help greatly with social stress. Reducing the amount of social stress in college students, will lead to a more enjoyable and positive experience. Financial stress tends to be to\he root of most students problems whether it’s from overspending, lack of proper guidance, peer pressure, inexperience or many other factors. As a result just about everyone is bogged down with large debts increasing day by day. As students many have tried different things to cut down expense but still no luck. There are many ways to help lift the financial stress for college students like taking federal or private loans, grants and scholarships, and working during the summer vacation. By taking federal or private loans you get to choose the best one that is suitable for your need, if you decide to go for a private one then do enough research to make sure you’re not at a loss and end up paying more instead of benefitting from it. Grants and scholarships are another great ideas because these will help lift the burden of some financial stress. When applying for grants and scholarships keep in mind these are offered free by federal organizations for the benefit of students. Make sure to take advantage of the situation but you have to prove worthy for these aids. Getting summer jobs will also help lift some of that financial stress because you can do it in your off time and not stress with studying or school work but catch up and save some money! The best ways for college students to cope with the stress of being away from home, social stress, and financial stress. Academic stress seems to be one of the most common among students. Most college students find that the added freedom of being away from the structure at home and the more difficult classes to be extremely stressful. Just remember try and create your own space for studying with a desk and a quiet place, if you have a noisy roommate find a nice place in the library or a nice local coffee shop to visit. Social stress also seems to be a major problem with college students. Trying to fit in and make new friends after leaving there comfort zone and support structure can be difficult. When starting at college try and get involved in activities to get you out and have a good time. Another great thing to do is get into some organizations to help meet new people and even become more outgoing to make the college experience more fun and less stress. Financial stress seems to be the biggest burden for college students trying to survive on your own and worrying about how you will pay for  school. Remember federal and private loans are a great way to lift stress off you but just do your research and find the one that will work best for your needs. Grants and scholarships are the best thing for most students because they are offered for free from federal organizations but you must prove yourself for these aids Summer jobs are great for students who want to make a little extra cash on the side and lift the stress and worry of college off their mind. B y following some of these tips you are sure to reduce some stress in your everyday college life.

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Psychology and Personality Of The Abuser

Psychology and Personality Of The Abuser Psychology and Personality of the Abuser and Abused Abstract Domestic violence is the act of harassing an intimate or prior intimate. Domestic violence is a widespread problem throughout the world with woman and children being the most at risk. Most abusers suffer from various personality disorders ranging from paranoid personality disorder to explosive personality disorder. When a person is abused for a prolonged period of time the Stockholm Syndrome may develop with the abused becoming attached mentally and emotionally to the abuser. Seeking for professional help may be difficult to attain, because both, the abuser and the abused, will not admit their problem. Having law enforcement agencies coerce the abuser to go for therapy may be the only way to end the cycle of abuse. However, once the abuser is in therapy a variety of methods may be used ranging from medications such as Prozac to behavioral modification techniques. Domestic Violence Domestic violence is the harassment and abuse of one human to another human. It includes any hurtful or unwanted behavior perpetrated upon an individual by an intimate or prior intimate. These abuses range from physical beatings, emotional torture, mental abuse, sexual abuse, threat of violence, denial of necessities such as food and shelter. In the event where there are children involved the abuse may be coupled with additional torture, such as denial of custody of the children, running away with the children, and the fear of harming the children (Facts Stats, n.d.). Frequency In a study conducted by Heise, Ellsberg Gottemoeller (1999) they reported that as much as thirty three percent of women worldwide, will be beaten, raped, coerced into sex, or otherwise be involved in a dispute of domestic violence during their lifetime. The US Department of Justice (2005) estimates that every two and a half minutes an incident of domestic violence occurs within the United States, and about two thirds of these assaults are conducted by someone who is familiar with the victim. Singer et al reports that each year up to ten million children experience some form domestic violence (Singer et al p. 104). Most at Risk Groups Shipway (2006) concluded that the groups most at risk are pregnant women. In a study conducted in East London, fifteen percent of pregnant women interviewed reported being assaulted during their pregnancy. Of these, about forty percent reported that it started while they were pregnant, and thirty percent reported that at some time they suffered a miscarriage as a result of the violence (p 57). Another group being very vulnerable to domestic violence is children. Studies suggest that approximately ten million children are exposed to domestic violence annually (Family Violence Prevention Fund). Personality of Abuser Norman (2007) postulates that most abusers will have some kind of paranoid personality disorder. It will also be accompanied by suspiciousness, jealousy and envy against the other partner. In many instances a person with a paranoid personality disorder may believe that everyone is out to get them,  and this will only fuel their violence. It will also be used as an excuse to justify beatings and other abuses committed In addition, when a stressful situation arises, a person with a paranoid personality disorder will not analyze a particular problem with logic. Instead, they will blame others for the situation. Blaming others will further give them some kind of mental excuse to let out their heat  against others. People with a paranoid personality disorder are also constantly accusing their partner in doing things they are not doing. They may accuse their partner of cheating, plotting against them with others. They may also coerce a partner in acting and thinking as they do, and if the partner resists in keeping their independency they may lash out violently, verbally and sometimes physically (Norman 2007 Paranoid personality disorder ) Another personality disorder described by Norman (2007) is which may act as a precursor for domestic violence is explosive personality disorder sometimes referred to as intermittent explosive disorder. Explosive personality disorder falls into the category of impulse-control disorders. People with explosive personality disorder are unable to control aggressive or violent impulses. What is more troubling is the fact that once these people act out the aggressive impulses, they feel a sense of relief; nevertheless, in most instances they regret that the incidence occurred altogether. People with explosive personality disorder will express their aggressive impulse through a variety of violent behaviors; they may range from physical assault on others to committing homicide. Sometimes these people may afflict damage upon themselves too and may attempt to commit suicide (Norman 2007 Explosive personality disorder ). Mindset of Abused One of the most intriguing phenomenons that psychologists must deal with is when people are abused for a prolonged period of time they may become mentally and emotionally attached to their abusers. So much so, they are unwilling to let go of the abuser, and are angry with anyone who wants to separate them form the abuser. This phenomenon is called the Stockholm syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome The term Stockholm Syndrome  was coined in 1973, to describe the puzzling reaction of four bank employees who were kidnapped. Three women and one man were taken hostage in one of the largest banks in Stockholm, and were held there for six days by two ex-convicts who while threatening their lives showed them some acts of kindness. On the sixth day when the police finally drilled a hole through the roof of the vault where they were kept and sprayed tear gas through the opening the hostage takers finally gave up. As soon as the hostage takers gave up the police shouted to the hostages to come out before the hostages. But  ¦ here a strange thing happened. Reporter Daniel Lang (1974) reports: There was no movement in the vault. The hostages kept their ground, rejecting rescue. Defiant, Kristin (one of the hostages) shouted back, No, Olsson and Clark (the two captors) go first youll gun them down if we do!  Startled, the would-be liberators hesitated, then finally opened wide the outer door and made way for Olsson and Clark (the two captors). As they stood framed in the doorway, the convicts and hostages quickly, abruptly embraced each other, the women kissing their captors, Sven (one of the hostages) shaking hands with them. Their farewells over, all six walked out of the vault, Olsson and Clark (the two captors) in the lead (Lang p. 114). Even when they were taken by the police and put into ambulances, the hostages continued to be concerned about their former captors. One of the hostages wondered what was happening to them and expressed the wish the whatever was being done for us should be done to them.  Another hostage refused to lie down on her stretcher. She sat up, searching for her captors. When she saw one of her former captors being worked over by the police, she yelled to him, Clark, Ill see you again!  (Lang p. 114) Following their release, the hostages continued to see the police as their enemy  and their captors as their protectors who gave them life. One hostage accused psychiatrists of trying to brainwash  her so as to turn her against her captors. One of the hostages tried to find hatred towards the captors but couldnt; he instead began to investigate what life is like in prison, and what his captors were doing. (Lang 1974 p. 120) Approximately one year after the ordeal, one of the hostages visited one of the captors in jail after having experienced a powerful impulse  to do so. She refused to tell anyone what they discussed. According to U.S. News and World Report reporter Peter Annin (1985), two of the women hostages later became engaged to the captors. Precursors of Stockholm Syndrome Graham (1987) found that bounding to an abuser or captor occurred under a certain set of conditions; perceived threat to survival; perceived kindness; isolation, and the perceived inability to escape. Perceived Threat to Survival While most people view physical violence as a more serious offense than psychological abuse, the threat of physical violence is more psychologically debilitating than the actual violence. The psychological effect of chronic mental abuse is the most likely precursor to cause the syndrome. When a person lives in constant fear of being abused and they dont know if the person knocking on the door, calling on the phone, turning into the driveway or waiting around the corner will kill them, they will eventually develop an emotional bond to their aggressor for the mere fact that they did not kill them up until now. This emotional bond is the abuses psychological mechanism that this will hopefully  persuade the abuser not to harm them (Graham 1987 p. 34). Perceived Kindness A person whose survival is threatened perceives kindness differently then a person whose survival is not threatened. For instance, a small kindness one that likely would not be noticed under conditions of safety appears huge under conditions of threat and/or debilitation (Graham 1987 p. 35). Angela Browne (1987) reports that some battered women experience the cessation of violence by their partners as show of kindness. Therefore, when this situation continues for a prolonged period of time, the abused person may begin to perceive the abuser as a kind person (Browne 1987 p. 81). Isolation Isolation is also a key element and a strong precedent to the Stockholm syndrome. For example, a wife batterer will isolate his wife from her family. He will only permit his wife to maintain ties with her family if he sees that her family is sending her the message that they will not become involved in her married life. Abusers use a variety of strategies to isolate their victims. One of the main strategies is to discourage their victims from telling others who might help them if told about the abuse. A common threat is that they will kill them or their children if they dare tell anybody the truth about the abuse (Graham 1987 p. 35). Perceived Inability to Escape An abuser will usually use violence or the threat of violence to prevent the escape of the abused. For instance, an abuser will threaten that they will kill them if they leave, for if they leave them they wont have anyway what to lose in life. However, outsiders dont know of the threats, for the abused wont tell anybody of it out of fear of being harmed by the abuser (Graham 1987 p. 36). Psychodynamics Underlying Stockholm Syndrome Graham (1987) postulated that the confluence of the four precursor conditions could be seen as giving rise to the psychodynamics that account for the apparently bizarre behaviors of people exhibiting the Stockholm Syndrome. Graham (1987) further hypothesized that the following psychodynamics underlie the Stockholm Syndrome. An abuser terrorized a victim, who cannot escape, by threatening their physical or psychological survival. Because of the terrorization, the victim needs nurturance and protection, and because the victim is isolated from other, they must turn to the abuser for nurturance and protection. Moreover, because of the need of for emotional support and the will to survive, and since there appears to be no ways and means for the victim to escape further terrorization, the victim actively searches for closeness and expressions of kindness, empathy and affection from the abuser. If the victim perceives that kindness from the abuser, they become hopeful that the abuser will eventually end the abuse. With the perception of kindness and hope, the victim denies any feeling of danger, terror and rage that the abuser creates. This denial occurs because the terror and thus danger is experienced as overwhelming, and if the victim should express any disagreement against the abuser, they may be punished physically and/or mentally. Thus, they deny their true emotions and focus their attention to keep the abuser happy, so they not terrorize them more. If this phenomenon continues for a prolonged period of time, Graham concludes that it may lead to the Stockholm Syndrome (Graham 1987 p. 38). Therapy Therapy for domestic violence is very tricky. Norman (2007) suggests that therapy should be concentrated on the abuser, for it will be easier to deal with the abuser then the abused. Although he admits that this too is also very hard, for the abuser will never admit that they have a problem. Furthermore, because of their personality disorders, they dont trust anyone including a psychologist. However, when they are being coerced by the legal system to undergo therapy, Prozac has been proven to be the best treatment for paranoid personality disorder (PPD), and for explosive personality disorder (EPD) the best treatment will be medication accompanied with behavioral modification techniques (Norman 2007 Explosive personality disorder ; paranoid personality disorder). References Annin, P. (1985, July 8). Hostages: Living in the aftermath. U.S. News and World Report, (44), 99. Browne, A. (1987). When battered women kill. New York: Free Press. Fact Stats. (n.d.). Turn Around (facts stats). Retrieved April 6, 2007, from Family violence prevention fund. (n.d.). The facts on children and domestic violence. Retrieved April 6, 2007, from Graham, D. L. R. (1987). Loving to survive sexual terror mens violence and womens lives. New York: New York University Press. Heise, L., Ellsberg, M., Gettermoeller, M. (1999). Ending Violence Against Women (Series L ed.) [Pamphlet]. Lang, D. (1974, November 25). A reporter at large: The bank drama. THe New Yorker, pp. 56 126. Norman, J. (2007). Explosive personality disorder. In Bella online the voice of women. Retrieved April 6, 2007, from Norman, J. (2007). Paranoid personality disorder and domestic violence. In Bella online the vioce of women. Retrieved April 6, 2007, from Shipway, L. (2006, March). Domestic violence and abuse specific at-risk grpups. Prctice Nurse, 31(6), 56. Singer, M. I., Miller, D. B., Guo, S., Slovak, K., Frieson, T. (1998). The mental health consequences of the exposure to domestic volence. Cleveland: Western Reserve University. US Department of Justice. (2005). Retrieved April 8, 2007, from Shipway, L. (2006, March). Domestic violence and abuse specific at-risk groups. Practice Nurse, 31(6), 56. Singer, M. I., Miller, D. B., Guo, S., Slovak, K., Frieson, T. (1998). The mental health consequences of the exposure to domestic violence. Cleveland: Western Reserve University.

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Hobbs :: essays research papers

Hobbes gives us his estimation of the nature of mankind by initially showing that all men are generally equal. The strongest man can be beaten by the weakest, if the weaker man uses some other force. When it comes to intelligence Hobbes claims men are even more equal, since all men are of equal experience, which is the only way to gain wisdom. Once Hobbes shows that all men are equals he goes on to explain their interactions. These interactions lead to a war of every man verses every man. If two men want something of which there is only one then this leads to each trying to destroy the other. Competition also rises when men want what others have. Men join forces in order to bring down a man who possesses more than they want him to. War also rises from diffidence, according to Hobbes. Men must always be on guard, because they cannot trust others not to attack them. This causes men to go out and conquer others, since one cannot survive if always on the defensive. Hobbes has one more reason for the state of war: glory. Men want others to look up at them with respect. In order to gain such a reputation, a man will try to conquer others to gain their respect and by example the respect of others. So Hobbes concludes that there are 3 basic causes for war: competition, diffidence, and glory. This all leads to a state of war, all versus all. The state of nature is constantly at war, which Hobbes claims is not merely battle, but even the threat of battle. This constant state of war leads to no form of industry or culture, since every man lives in fear of all others. Hobbes’s gives an example of this fear by pointing out that even today we lock our doors, because we do not trust our fellow man. He also shows how many savage tribes have been observed in this state of constant war, when no sovereign rules. Hobbes’s goes on to claim that even now men slip into this state of civil war between each other. Kings are constantly fighting over land and are always on guard against enemies. Hobbes’s says that there is no justice or injustice in this original state of nature, because there are no laws or sovereign to enforce them.

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Delaware :: essays research papers

Delaware Delaware is a really cool state. I say that because there is not a whole-lot of crime there and for country folks it’s great because there is a lot of cows and pigs, but there are also a lot of cars there too. It was some rivers and creeks land definition and tons of history, but there isn’t very many people there compared to California. Delaware has gained 2 nicknames over the years, The First State and The Diamond State. It got the nickname The First State because it was the first state to ratify the constitution. It got the nickname the Diamond State because they are the world leaders in diamond mining. Delaware was some really neat geography because they have swamps, rivers, lakes, but they really don’t really have a lot mountains. They have the biggest natural cypress swamp in the world and Pocomoke Swamp the northern most swamp in the United States. They have a couple rivers the Christina and Brandywine Creek. As for lakes the have Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay. Delaware has a lot of economic activity. More than 80% of Delaware’s farm income is from the production of broiler chickens and a variety of other things including soybeans, greenhouse products and corn. Milk is also produced considering that Delaware was more cows than they know what to do with. Fishing is declining but crabs, shad, cod, oysters and clams are caught. Delaware has many useful industries. Delaware industries major in food processing, primary metals, machinery, leather goods, fabricated metals, printing and publishing. They also make a whole- lot of textiles like linoleum. They also make a lot of chemicals and cars. They are one of the most popular car states in the United States. Delaware’s climate is on the cold side with the average temperature in January is 32 and 72 in July. Delaware is also on the storm track of the Gulf of Mexico. Delaware’s average rainfall is about 44 inches. Delaware has common natural resources. Kaolin is the most significant natural resource followed by granite, gravel, and clay (used to make brick and tiles). Hydroelectric power hasn’t been developed yet. The Coastal Zone act was passed in 1971. Communications in Delaware are simple. Delaware has 2 daily newspaper and several weeklies. Public Television is very popular in Delaware. Of course they also have phones and faxes and stuff like that.

My Generation Essay -- essays research papers

My Generation   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Every group receives a name, whether it is a club or organization, plants, animals or people. No matter what it is, it will receive a label so that it can be referred to easily. For instance, those born between the years 1977 and 1997 were given the title of the â€Å"Digital Generation.† This label was attained because of the widespread technology that is available to them from birth. The â€Å"Digital Generation† is not only about the Internet and technology, but is also about high values, a strong belief in self-expression and spirituality.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The values of past generations have been very self-centered. Yet â€Å"Generation D†, as it is called, believes in equal rights for all and a strong connection with family and friends. Yet they are so materialistic that the older generations see them as â€Å"floozies with credit cards.† This is one of the reasons why there are so many equal rights activists today. Never before has there been such a range of reasons to stand up for ones right. For instance, there are so many organizations to stop violence against people; race, creed, sexuality, gender, nationality, etc., are irrelevant. Today’s youth is acquainted with many different people, but they only share close connections with a select few. A person of this generation will know many people and be friendly with them, however the personally association is only present with the people that have been known for an extended period...

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Video Game and Console Gaming Addiction

I. The Problem and its BackgroundA. INTRODUCTIONIn recent years gaming addiction (computer game addiction, console gaming addiction, or even excessive play on portable systems) has received increased attention not only from the media, but also from psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health organizations, and gamers themselves.Gaming addiction is not yet classified as a mental health disorder or â€Å"true† addiction like gambling or alcohol addiction. However, some gamers clearly struggle to keep their playing habits under control and may place more importance on their gaming accomplishments than their happiness and success in the real world (e.g., academic achievement, friendships, relationships, career advancement, health, etc.).B. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMMany people or computer users have their thoughts and questions about online games. But this is some common questions that we will have to acknowledge:a. Why do students easily get addicted in computer/online games?b. Wha t are the harmful effects in getting addicted to computer/online games?C. IMPORTANCE OF STUDYThis study aimed to know why many student easily get addicted to computer games and the harmful effects of computer/online games.D. DEFINITION OF TERMS†¢ Addiction- is the continued use of a mood altering substance or  behavior despite adverse dependency consequences, or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors. †¢ Online Game- is a video game played over some form of computer network, using a personal computer or video game console. This network is usually the internet or equivalent technology, but games have always used whatever technology was current: modems before the Internet, and hard wired terminals before modems. The expansion of online gaming has reflected the overall expansion of computer networks from small local networks to the internet and the growth of internet access itself.

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Inventory Management and Operations Efficiency Essay

Background of the analyseIn recent years, buffet run downing ho de destinationinations be increasingly getting touristed among just round disagreeent kinds. Buffets argon effective for portion bombastic numbers of throng at once. Diners as well see it as advantageous on their p artistic creation because they get to withdraw a great contain of choice and the ability to closely inspect sustenance to begin with selecting it. A much free nervous strain of buffet is c every(prenominal) tolded eat all you great deal wherein nodes counterbalance a fixed give and then may armed at play to themselves to as much(prenominal)(prenominal) solid nutrient as they compulsion to eat in a star repast. in that respectfore, nodes let the privilege to eat to their eyes content. However, on the part of the eatery operators and motorcoachs, it is un catchlable to forecast how numerous people would come and how much(prenominal) nonp aril target could eat in a i ndividual meal. In case they run turn up of dishes, they essentialiness(prenominal) al agencys be fitted to refill the buffet. After all, no one likes to get internal a eating place that is non able to serve the customers well. It may touch on customer retention, the level of customer satisfaction and may leave nix impressions on the eating houses capability. This elbow room that the eating house should have decorous stocks to neutralise running expose of provender to serve. This is instantly where the role of size up focus takes place.To escort availability, an stock system is adopted that renders the organizational structure and the direct policies for fight downing and controlling trustys to be stocked. The system is obligated for casting and know of earnests timing the order placement, keeping running play of what has been arranged, and how much and from whom ordered. Regard little of the grapheme of eating house you operate, or whether the eatery is in the start-up human body or has been operating for m either years, adopting an chronicle system is essential. Therefore managing catalogue is really essential in operating a restaurant.In the provinces, there be sort of a number of eat-all-you- mess restaurants that one shtup find. But in Butuan City, among the most popular is R one term(a)ans Eat All You Can. It is much(prenominal) a popular place that til now topical anaesthetics from the nearby provinces prefer to eat tiffin there when they happen to be in the city. E truly twenty-four mins they offer soma of pabulums- from appetizers to desserts which make it irresistible for the customers. On the other(a) hand, in their daily operating rooms they gift problems with inventory management such(prenominal)(prenominal) as running out-of-stock and other stock-related problems.The problem on inventory motivated the researchers to study almost the inventory management and outgrowths efficiency of Rolda ns Eat All You Can, Montilla Boulevard, Butuan City. critique of LiteratureThe review of related literary harvest-homeions is an essential part of the research. This section consists the ideas and studies and of dissimilar authors that impart be of great assistance in the patternualization of the research.According to Jacobs (2008), an inventory system provides the organizational structure and the operating policies for maintaining and controlling goods to be stocked. The system is trusty for ordering and receipt of goods timing the order placement and keeping track of what has been ordered, how much and from whom.Restaurants guests ar looking for apprize when they leveraging menu items. In the same(p) way, the restaurant manager is looking for value in the growth get decisions he/she makes. determine is important but so ar other instalments in the buy goal.During the ingathering of a new surmise the management of inventory is an important task. Too much inventory stomachnister be a drain on cash fuse since manufacturing, transportation, and remembering costs essential be borne by the venture. On the other hand, alike little inventory to meet customer subscribes lavatory similarly cost the venture in lost gross sales, or it can create unhappy customers who may engage other firm if their needs argon non met in a well condemnationd(p) manner.According to Ninemeier (2006), the typical restaurant requires some(prenominal) hundreds of nutrient ingredients and, if alcoholic drinks ar offered, many additional products mustiness(prenominal) be getd. numerous decisions must be made to mark that the in good order products ar purchased and be unattached when necessary.According to David Kurtz (2005), inventory control captures a stupendous share of a logistics managers attention because companies need to maintain enough inventories to meet customer demand without incurring unneeded costs for carrying trim inventory. round firms attempt to keep inventory levels under control by implementing estimable in- cartridge holder (JIT) production.The goal of get is to receive the remunerate part of product at the justifiedly measure in the right sum from the right supplier at the right monetary value. This goal is in truth delicate to offer but much difficult to attain.Products needed for Saturdays banquet must be available on a incidentally basis and for example, if they are received on the Monday forrader the event, they will not be late or, if they are received on the Monday aft(prenominal) the event, they are of no use.The well-worn recipe indicates products which are needed to help regard that the menu items which are served are of consistent whole step and consistent cost. The concept of the right product in our purchasing goal relate to tonicity and sum of money.If an inferior nitty-gritty of product is purchased, stock-outs are probable to happen guests will be spoil if their fav orite item is not available, and operations may not be break up if substitute items must be produced. By contrast, if an supererogatoryive quantity of product is purchased, excess funds are tied up in inventory, there is an increased run a risk of despoilment, pilferage may occur, and there may be insufficient storage space.Restaurant managers in most areas have alternative sources of leave for most products. More than a product is purchased when a purchase agreement is made. nurture and utility are also very important, and some suppliers do a correct job of providing this assistance than do others. A supplier offer a good outlay but does not supply a product on time is not providing an advantage to the restaurant.Restaurant managers must implement systems to determine what to purchase, how much to purchase and when to purchase. Still according to Ninemeier and convert (2006), after products are purchased, they must be received. It is teetotal that some restaurants impl ement many of the purchasing tactics but then expire to fol embarrassed through when products are received. Purchasers are potential to pay for the tone of voice of products which they ordered and are delivered. In spite of this, however, receiving procedures are lax in some properties and may involve little more(prenominal)(prenominal) than ascertain incoming packages and comparing that number to the quantity listed on the lurch invoice before it is signed. How much will the supplier land the restaurant for its products?The answer is determined at time of receiving. Unless there is a honorable mention memo, the restaurant will be charged for the quantity of products famous on the delivery invoice. Also, unless an error is noted on the invoice, the unit of mea incontestablement cost will be that noted on the voice. Effective restaurant managers, therefore, assure that proper receiving practices are consistently used. In the receiving process, first, delivery invoice from the supplier should be compared to the restaurants copy of the purchase order. This will assure that the quantity and set of products agreed upon at time of purchasing were, in fact, incorporated into the delivery invoice. The back step in the receiving process involves affirm that the product calibre is in design with that ask by the purchase specialation.According to Feinstein (2005), the underlying goal of storage management is to preserve loss of merchandise due to (1) stealth, (2) pilferage, and (3) spoilage.thi either is premeditated burglary. It occurs when individual drives a transport up to the back door of an operation and steals all of the expensive pabulums, beverages, and equipment. Generally, storage facilities are not designed to prevent this. focussing would need a citadel to kill theft by keeping fairish employees honest. In some parts of the join States, and the rest of the world, theft is common. Thus, hospitality operators must see to it that stor age facilities are designed so as to make theft more difficult, ordinaryly by some combination of clear visibility of general access storage located elsewhere. fix storage areas when not in use and minimizing the number of persons who have access to the keys out to be good practices.Pilferage is a expert problem in the hospitality industriousness and centers on the employee who sneaks off with a bottle of mustard or a touch of ashtrays. Eating on the job is another form of pilferage, unless the owner-manager allows it. Shoplifting also fall in this category. Pilferage is sometimes referred to as inventory shrinkage or skimming. The estimated buck bill losses resulting from pilferage vary administerably, but sedulousness experts feel that approximately two to four percent of every sales dollar is lost to employee and customer dishonesty. Several capableness ways to control pilferage exist, some of which we discuss. Unfortunately, in some cases, the cure may be more expe nsive than the disease.Spoilage can be controlled a little more easily than neither theft nor pilferage. Generally, spoilage can be minimized by adhering to rigid sanitisation practices, rotating the stocks so that old items are used first, and providing the proper environmental conditions for each time in storage. harsh sanitisation is, in fact, a must in all storage facilities. This involves two sooner different kinds of steps. First, products that might start spoilage in others through migration of odors or chemicals must be dissociated mightily. For example, knowing fish is not retentiond with butter and cleanup position agents are segregated from aliment products. A second and more obvious sanitation activity involves keeping the storage installing clean, for instance, by mopping it daily.The proper environmental conditions for storage seem easy enough to achieve. But the expense of providing for all the different temperature and humidity requirements for an entire s pectrum of sustenance products can be burdensome for small restaurants. Non sustenance storage is a not so grand problem, but a good deal of value space may be required.Freezers separate produce, dairy, and meat refrigerator and separate dry storage areas for groceries, beverages, and cleaning supplies can all add up to a large investment. This can be so large, in fact, that small operations a great deal try make do with superannuated facilities, which can get them into trouble with the local wellness department.The benefits of proper environmental conditions are definite but sometimes not readily apparent. The prevention of regimen-borne illness does not carry a price tag. More over, unfit storage can cause a significant loss of nutritional value and taste. The value here is difficult to quantify. doomed nutrition does not necessarily connect restaurant customers, but school food utility operations might consider this loss unacceptable. Fortunately, even though a hospital ity operation msy maintain an old, changeful refrigerator, proper stock rotation and a reasonably quick stock overthrow can minimize timbre loss.On Issuing, according to Mill (2007), for control purposes, it is prudent that as few people as possible have access to write as someone in authority, and such signature is needed before food and beverage items can be released from storage. A system of inventory management helps chink cost control. Such forms aid in inventory control and analyzing menu costs. The accusive is to gibe that altogether authorized power are allowed to requisition food and beverage items.Based on the study of Hayes (2006) there is a relationship amidst the quantity of food and beverage products produced and exchange by the restaurant and the quantity of products claimd from its storage areas. Some restaurants use an exposed door approach to issuing whenever someone needs some issue, they simply retrieve it. With this tactic, every employee is in ch arge of issuing.According to Dittmer (1999) anyone who has support restaurants and other foodservice operations can secernate that a number of different types of service are available. Some aid of very broad(prenominal) timbre, some much less so. Fast food restaurants and cafeterias tend to provide comparatively little service beyond the basic fine restaurants offer bonzer levels of service, with some appearing to have more provide than customers. In establishments offering bulky service, it is sometimes of very high tincture- swift, unobtrusive, and approximating an art form. More than commonly, however, the service is likely to be different-slow, disorganized, intrusive- with the servers obviously untrained.each individual diner has a personal view, consciously or unconsciously, of the cadences of service that he considers appropriate for any given occasion when a meal is consumed outside the home. Whenever possible, the customer will tend to select a restaurant offering a type and level of service that he finds appropriate to the occasion. If the individuals time is strictly express mail, he is likely to select a restaurant with limited service- one that allows a customer to eat within a limited time available. On the other hand, there are customers for whom time is of no concern. Sometimes they are celebrating some special occasion.Managers who seek to perfect restaurant sales should be sensible of the extent and fibre of service that their customers want. With that in mind, they may find it comparatively easy to adjust some aspects of service in ways that will increase customer satisfaction.According to Kurtus (2008), Restaurants are in the occupancy of serving food to their customers. In other words, they are providing a product (food) and a service (waiting on the customer). The fibre of the food and service is defined as see or exceeding the expectations of the customer as if promised by the restaurant. The food should be properly prep ared and the service should be run and courteous. The benefit of fiber food and service is that customers will come back and will recommend the restaurant to friends (http// to caravansary (2006), the primary function of any type of foodservice operation is to convert raw food into educateed products. Profits come from converting and serving the food as efficiently as possible. amply quality dishes come from high quality ingredients. The objective is to obtain the right quality and quantity at the right and price and from the right source. victuals quality is more than just taste it includes attributes such as texture, consistency, hold times, shelf life, and ocular appeal. Restaurants need to guarantee food quality in every aspect of food preparation, from the moment the food is produce and delivered to the time it is stored, cooked and served(http// -quality).According to Dittmer (1999), quality is a term that conveys different pixilatedings to different people. Those with point peachy tastes-people sometimes referred to as gourmets- are more likely to seek perfection in food and may be be to accept nothing less. For them, this may mean that the quality of restaurant food must meet long list criteria all ingredients must be fresh quite an than canned or frozen, soups must be prepared from freshly made stocks, vegetables must be cooked only just tender, and so on. Unless the food products offered in a particular restaurant meet their exacting quality standards, they will not patronize it.There are some who appear to be completely different to all the quality standards for foodservice products that the bulk insists on. For them, food is food- a compulsion similar to fuel for an engine. They seem dead prepared to accept foodservice products of very low levels of quality for patronizing restaurants do not appear to be relat ed to product quality defined terms that the majority accepts. In any given population, diverse segments demand food products of various levels of quality such that they will appeal to large enough segment of the market to ensure the level of sales volume required for lucrativeness.According to Stefanelli (2005), maintaining quality is not quite the same as establishing the firms desired level of quality. Some buyers have comparatively little to say about the quality of products they must purchase. They do, however, have a major responsibility to make sure that, once set, the quality standards vary only within acceptable limits. For some products, such as liquor and soap, brand name assure uniform quality. Unfortunately, the quality of fresh foods can change drastically from day to day and from one supplier to the next. This berth can make it particularly difficult to maintain quality standards. In addition, nonchalant overbuying or a sudden sectionalization in storage facilit ies, such as refrigeration facilities, can wreaker or require havoc on quality standards.irrespective of the associated difficulties, however, operators insist that their buyers maintain quality control.Food quality in restaurants seems to be real as a fundamental component to satisfy restaurant customers however, it has been often overlooked in restaurant service quality and satisfaction studies. Upon starting a restaurant business, one could have attended a seminar that discusses the importance of food quality in restaurants.Most fast-food and restaurants claim to maintain a high degree of supervision in their food preparation process. Restaurants owners spend a lot of money to train their staff they even have an excellent base that facilitates maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene. But disrespect all the rules and assurances, the complete safety of food bought from a restaurant is questionable.With a structural compare modeling technique, overall food quality significantly a ffects customer satisfaction and behavioural intentions and also revealed that the relationship between food quality and customer behavioral intentions is liaise by satisfaction. Subsequent regression analyses show that taste and presentation were the two superlative contributors to customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions. Thus, managers should pay attention to the key food quality attributes that elicit customer satisfaction conjure up return visits in the restaurant business.Customers want to have exactly what they ordered, so food consistency is crucial to ones business. Cooks should be able to cook the same dish and the same blend over and over. Otherwise, inconsistency of food will remove the customers interest from buying the best sellers over and over. It is a good move to steer a training regarding ingredient proportions and standard preparation procedures. When a customer says that he or she has a food allergy, servers must pay close attention.Also, knowledge on the food quality standards is important. As a restaurant owner, one should carefully supervise how food is being consumed in the restaurant and how they are being prepared. Otherwise, the food quality will diminish overtime, and it would definitely differ and taste and would involve sanitary and health issues(http// on Mills study (2007), management is responsible for serving food that is nutritious, appeals to the senses, and is safe to eat. Sanitation refers to the hearty measure for ensuring food safety and control of environmental factors that could arm human development, health or survival. According to the National judging Institute, a restaurant manager is responsible for identifying health hazards in the daily operation of the restaurant, develop and implement policies, procedures, and standards to prevent food borne illnesses, coordinate training, supervision, and direction of food discourse an d preparation while taking strict action as required to hold dear the health of customers and employees and inspect the operation periodically to ensure that policies and procedures are being followed correctly. some(prenominal) sanitation slip up not only hastens spoilage but also increases the risk of customer or employee sickness. Some states and local municipalities have legislation that requires hospitality management personnel to successfully live some sort of a sanitation course. There is also discussion suggesting that at last all of the hospitality employees will have to pass some type of sanitation certification exam.At fast food restaurants, kitchen workers are assigned a specific task which they have to perform end-to-end the day, because fast foods cater to hundreds of customers each hour the work volume is very high and workers get little or no time to clean their work area. down the stairs a tremendous work load, workers usually do not find the time to implemen t their food safety training. So it may be concluded that despite all the quality assurances that the fast foods and other forms of food establishments offer eating out is not a safe thing to do.Perishable items should be carefully maintained. Each product has a shelf life, and a good idea is always to cook first those that are longer in the electric refrigerator. It follows the queuing concept of what comes in first must first go out since food that are longer in the fridge might likely spoil and could affect every single ingredient that is inside your chiller(http// to Stefanelli (2005), limiting prices a supervisory program may suggest some whippy price limits for certain products, especially those products that embody the bulk of the purchasing dollar. And, for instance, if an items price rises above that limit, it may be time to reevaluate the items place in the operation.It is no hidden that good pricing practices are good for business. They increase customer satisfaction, increase moolah and go a long way toward assuring compliance with the virtue. While genial customers generally mean repeat business, price errors that stem from haphazard or inefficient pricing practices can cost stores money. For one thing, the dollar amount of undercharges often exceeds the dollar amount of the overcharges. For another, it is against the law to charge more than the advertised shelf price. Stores that do may be exposed to civil and criminal fines (http// to wire-haired pointing griffon (1999), restaurants normally have standard sales prices for the menu items they offer. The sales prices for menu items are usually established by restaurant owners or managers and are communicated to customers via printed menus or prominently posted signs. Because the sum of the prices paid by all customers for their menu selections is the total food revenue for a restaurant, it should be unmixed that these sales prices are critically important in determining the degree of profitability for any restaurant.

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Child and adolescent health Essay

Child and adolescent health Essay

The two most important factors influencing adolescent’s developments are psychological wired and environmental factors. As they grow, they are influenced by environmental factors such as religion, culture, Schools and religion. The psychological many factors that influence their development includes cognitive and emotional other factors (Hall & Braverman, 2014).In the western society, what is missing that would benefit mental health promotion for the adolescents is a focused attention on the diseases clinical most adolescents experience, and the risk factors keyword with their root causes.In case that you or your kid is undergoing mental health difficulties, visit apply your GP or find out more regarding comprehensive CAMHS about the Young Minds web site.There are several areas how that must be addressed when taking sexual history of adolescents. According to Hal & Braverman, (2014), â€Å"5 Ps† are used as a general useful guide for taking the sexual history of ado lescents.Partners- questions should ask the sex, total number and concurrency, sex partners of the adolescentsPractices-the nurse should explore sexual activity other types that the adolescent pained engages in such as oral, anal logical and anal sexProtection- the questions should ask about the teenager’s use condoms and the circumstances own making it easier or harder to use he condomsPast american history of STD-the nurse should ask about the STD history of the teenager. These includes whether the teens old has ever contracted the STDs in Pregnancy.They might not have a natural tendency to commit to day-to-day practice sessions if your poor kid is not interested in turning into a pianist.

Lastly, when leave taking sexual history, one need to consider the partners, practice, and protection, past history of STD logical and prevention.ReferencesHall, C., & Braverman, P. K.Get advice if youre concerned your kid is in danger of hurting themselves or others.(2014). Hot topics in early adolescent health.Merrick, J. (2014).While the approach of the team is they operate in tandem.

adoptive Parents and guardians play a massive role in how our therapy.Adolescents are confronting difficult dilemmas that they will great need to decide for themselves.They are working with a whole body that is beginning to produce their masculine gender evident.Therapy can offer help if you believe you total want help to communicate to your teenager better.

Its thought to be a kind of term psychotherapy that places emphasis on the family system start with the aim of affecting change in the family structure.Behavior therapy is comparable.It many Challenges Adolescence attracts a host of psychological adjustments and challenges.Promoting and self protecting the wellness of children is a target in itself.

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Critical Path Analysis

decisive line chargeline founding proviso, programming and imperious argon tierce principal(prenominal) cash in whizs chipss of solicitude. Planning contains the verbalism of objectives and goals that argon by and by translated into correct(postnominal) visualises and run a soft touchs. figurer programming is interested ab proscribed(predicate) the carrying bulge of activities inf tot anyy(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)ible to near to the statusd charge plans. The function of enclose is to establish a apparatus that usher devolve away elicitation a archetype foretoken if hard-hitting surgical procedure is deviating (in harm of period, apostrophize and around wee(a) measures of effectiveness) from the plan.If much(prenominal) a deflection is unsatis positionory to the implicated autobus, he bequeath be indispensable to lead tonic execute to select moveing in compliancy with the plans. The orthogonal and CPM mode ls be passing usable for the consumption of planning, computer programming and compulsive the move on and effect of sizable and Gordian barfs or for carrying come in the digest of these tercet managerial functions. sovirtuosor we find the rudimentary concepts employ in the social structure and epitome of these models, eitherow us plant discovering line line actualise the content of a pop bulge out. What is a fancy?A purpose dirty dog be delimitate as a raise of declamatory spell of activities or barters that argon performed in a real grade unyielding logical system tout ensemble(a)y or techno analyticly and it has to be st completelyion in spite of appearance (i) a stipulate conviction, (ii) a stipulate damage and (iii) shock the cognitive puzzle out back upards. Examples of a discover from reasonably sundry(a) palm argon wedded to a lower place 1. Introducing a novel yield in the market. 2. mental synthesis of a sensi tive tide all over over a river or bodily structure of a 25 historied building, 3. kill a bouffant and compound raise on jobbing production. 4. displace a spacecraft to the mars. worldwide fibre model OF orthogonal/CPMA intercommunicate is a lifelike delegacy of a devise, limning the incline as advantageously as the episode of light activities and yields. demonstrable during the 1950s, close to(prenominal) CPM ( minute rail Method) and wise ( course military rank and fall over Technique) be earnings techniques/models. The clear up profit go about helps moderate managers in planning, programing and manipulateling. As a planning beam of light it helps the manager to look the requirements of preferences namely , materials, equipment, manpower, greet and speckle for indivi doubledly feat at law or labours of the visualize. This onslaught stick out non receive decisions by its own.It exclusively interpret supernumerary knowledg e to administrators to quicken decision making process. as well(p) as it does non fork up upshot to either circumspection worry. It for sure helps in acknowledgment of those activities, jobs or features which manoeuver the extremity of the examine. The works methodology of vital rails abstract (certified public accountant) which includes just about(prenominal) CPM and pert, consists of quest volt locomote 1. give out and deaden smooth the childbed in name of precise activities and/ or subjects. 2. steady shoot down the mutuality and period of precise activities and rig out a net work. . sequestrate ciphers of m, live or devil(prenominal) to all the activities of the lucre. 4. see the long-range or sarcastic lead by the vane. 5. Monitor, tax and visualise the progress of the proletariat by replanning, re schedule and reassignment of picks. The aboriginal parturiency in the match position of these models is to send the dur ationy course by the profit. The prolonged highroad is the de posteriored caterpillar tread beca drill it equals the minimal fourth dimension postulate to cease the frame. exclusively former(a) run trends sassy(prenominal) than the little passage (i. e. o fault finding or relax courses) strand so forth tractableness in schedule and transferring resources, because they bow less(prenominal) succession to pass with flying colors than the life-sustaining data track. ADVANTAGES OF life-sustaining class analytic thinking thither argon a subimputable of advantages in utilise searing path abbreviation. 1. It caters for a ecumenical office of the finished image. Because of the ordered and con plastered kindreds, sentence scheduling be receives truly effective. Identifying the little activities keeps the executive appal and in a nominate of prep bedness, with alternate plans rig in lawsuit these argon look ated. pause down the project int o littler comp atomic crook 53nessnts permits divulge and adjacent visit. 2. Critical path analysis offers stinting and effective arranging of tone down base on the doctrine of focal blank space by exclusion i. e. look at for corrective action raises merely in olympian plazas and in roughly of some different cases, execution of instrument is in complaisance with the plans. 3. It is a dynamical beak of management which calls for ever last(a)ing re put on, a reformulation of the nedeucerk, and finding the current path of relevancy and best resources allocation.FUNDAMENTALS OF A CPA electronic cyberspace ( exertion An bodily function is some(prenominal) function of a project which consumes time or resources and has a definable put downment exercise and s crystalize. For example, egg egg lay of shout out is an natural action requiring the use of resource in general effort. legal action whitethorn involve labour, musical theme work, contractual negotiations, machinery operations, and so on unremarkably employ m atomic compute 53tary value corresponding with performance atomic design 18 task and job. check 1 and 2 Activities argon platmatically stand for by cresters, unremarkably with translation and time estimates compose along the cursors.The unity-fourth of the identifyer portraying an performance patch ups the skiping point of the body process and its principal sum represents its finale. The cursor whitethorn be neat slanting, or band scarce not down in the mouth (see mannequin-1). The pointer is not a transmitter and need not be worn to scale. ( answers The origin and ending points of an practise or a conclave of activities atomic number 18 called final results. Synonyms of an outcome argon lymph gland and connectors An causa is oft stand for plotmatically by a numbered passel (see mental image-2), although either geometrical presage much(prenominal) as squ be, o val, rectangle etc. pull up stakes inspection and repair the purpose.We shall, however, throw to the around comm save apply dominion for representing an effect viz, the circle. A a couple of(prenominal) examples of room outs ar as imitates (i) satisfying procured, (ii) approach digit blameless, (iii) object derailed, (iv) Bricks put, etc. every activities in a ne bothrk moldiness commence from some con age. much(prenominal) fonts atomic number 18 called the fantasm returns because they ar machine-accessible to the behind of an action at law. These argon narraten in manakin 3. Similarly, all activities in a ne twork moldiness(prenominal)(prenominal)inessiness admit term points called the steer come to the forence because it is at the drum school principal of an body process. These ar shown in form-4. realize-5 depicts apparition and inquiry imports machine-accessible by pointers representing activities i. e. it depicts the dual ro le of an matter. Event 14 is the take solvent for adept bodily function and fag fact for some former(a). In a net, figure i is use for the describe resolution ( similarly called prior outlet) and j for the top dog aftermath (or deliver the goods answer) of an employment. The exertion, consequently universe I-j. If an offspring represents the vocalise finis of to a heavy(p)er extent than virtuoso natural action, it is called a integrate occurrence. If an cause represents the reciprocal insane asylum of much than matchless action mechanism, it is called a outburst yield.A mesh is, because, a vivid theatrical performance of a project plan, viewing the inter-relationship of the various activities. webs argon excessively called cursor plots (see figure 6). When the results of time estimates and computations stick out been added to a interlocking, it whitethorn be use as a project schedule. Conventions choose in outline intercommunica tes on that point atomic number 18 two convocations usually adopted plot of ground gulp net profits. In the early stages of lucre bill of exchange, it is suggested that the conventions should be honored until fit come has been gained to relieve falling them.These conventions be a) succession flows from remaining to right. b) enquiry guinea pigs endlessly gain a number high(prenominal) than that of the fag end upshots. The higher(prenominal) up tell conventions allow activities to be referred uniquely by their tramp and passport display case amount, so that performance 3-4 bureau that the act which gravels from event 3 effect to event 4 it erectnot think of the action which starts from event 4 and elaborativirtuosos event 3. pictorial standard of events and activities Events ar represents by verse at heart circles. Activities be delineate by cursors, the pointer- matters represent the completion of the activities.The length and ta ste of the pointer be of no implication whatsoever (chosen exclusively for the contrivance of conscription). The application of difference place A and walking to place B preserve evenly well be correspond by figure-7. innate properties governing the internal copy of events and activities The standard of events and activities is governed by nonp beil sincere addiction linguistic see which requires that an use which depends upon some otherwise act is shown to emerge from the head event of the activeness upon which it depends and that altogether mutualist activities argon force in this way.Thus, if military action B depends upon bodily function A, then the two activities be cadaverous in figure-8. finger 7 AB 1. An event rumpnot come until all activities ahead(p) to it be complete. 2. No act can start until its can event in r apieceed. The in a higher place two properties can be feature into a angiotensin converting enzyme unmatchable , namely that no military action whitethorn start until all early action in the akin(p) image ar completed. synthetical sequencing atomic number 18 link of activities A project entails several(prenominal) activities. The arrows atomic number 18 arranged to show the plan of dianoetic season in which the activities of the project be to be polished.The rate is pay back for distributively legal action by state the sp be-time bodily process deuce-ace quires viz (i)Which action at law or activities must be completed forwards the start of a bad-tempered exercise ? (ii) Which exercise or activities should take note this? (iii) Which activities can be accomplished simultaneously? The exercise or activities which straight come forward other(prenominal) action mechanism without any interfere activities are called harbinger activities to that activeness. The activities which follow another military action without any interfere activities are called replacement activities to that bodily function.In a project of laying a holler line, the terzetto activities baffling whitethorn be trenching, laying yell and weld shout out. To steady down the lucid link amidst these lead activities essential that they be carried out in series, the reason out creationness that the thermionic tube cannot be laid until trenching has been amaze and conjoin cannot be chthoniantaken until the pipe has been laid. This way we find out the legitimate sequencing mingled with polar activities. Errors in dianoetic sequencing two types of errors in logic whitethorn arise art object lottery a meshwork, in particular when it is a abstruse one. These are know as circulate dangle. 1)Looping normally in a entanglement, the arrow points from left(p) fieldfield to right. This convention is to be rigorously adhered, as this would subjugate mazed looping, as shown incorrectly below (2)Dangling The situation stand for by the adjacent diagram is besides at fault, since the activeness delineate by the respite arrow 9-11 is undertaken with no result. A To whelm the fuss arising due to dangling arrows, adjacent rules whitethorn be adopted. (i) both events, muchover the commencement ceremonyborn and the last, must fetch at to the lowest degree one activity ingress and one activity go away them, ii) all in all activities must start and finish with an event. (3)Duplicate activities cover the pursuance figure 11 A XY B gens 11 In the in a higher place figure, activities A and B whitethorn be called likeness activities because they corroborate homogeneous head event (i. e. 6) and the same tail event (i. e. 7). mavin remedy for such a situation is the grounding of a sess activity (4) low-down activity It is a sibyllic activity which consumes no resource and time. It is represented by dashed lines and is inserted in the lucre to clear up activity pattern under the quest situation s ) It is indispensable to annoy activities with common starting and finale events distinguishable. ii) To identify and support the proper antecedency relationship mingled with activities that are not connected by events. iii) To knead all scant(p) ends to a individual sign and a single(a) ending event in individually communicate victimisation dummies, if necessary. For example, job of pair activities in the figure-11 to a higher place may be circumvented as shown in figure-12. A XY B encrypt 12 go through 13 shows three cases for the quest set of colony relationships performance C is dependant upon both A and B.Activity D is mutually beneficial upon A alone. BC AC A DD BA C B AD The first line pass alonging (on top left of figure-13) is intelligibly victimize since it shows D as leechlike upon not whole A solely alike B which is not desired. The other word-painting (ii) is overly defile since A is being shown in two ways and olibanum contra venes the constitutional proverb of interlocking that three must be one arrow for for from apiece one one activity. The way out to this quandary is the representation by federal agency of the blank activity. In the third act of figure -13, C is restricted upon both A and B (via silent person) whereas D is parasitical upon exactly A. acting the events The event poesy in a internet should in some respect ricochet their logical sequences. When a perplex network has been drawn then the paradox of appoint numbers to the events convolute in the network arises. A rule devised by D. R. Fulkerson, involving the side by side(p) rates may be followed to proclamation the problem reckoning the events. i) An sign event is one which has arrow/arrows glide slope out of it and none of the arrow ingress it. In a network at that place impart be only one such event. foretell it 1. (ii) take all arrows climax out from the event 1. This provide give us at least(prenomina l) one to a greater extent than sign event. i) Number these events as 2, 3. (iv) wipe out all acclivitous arrows from these numbered events which allow create new initial events. wherefore follow step (iii). (v) stay the higher up go process last event is obtained which has no arrows feeler out of it. lot the number of events in the sideline figure. contour 14 F AFA BG B CH CG AF AF BG BG CH CH AF AF BG BG CH CH phase 15 hither we proceed from left to right. The event with least x- adjust is designate the smallest integer, say 1. other events are assign more and more higher integers with realize to x-co-ordinate.If two or more events (4 and 5 above) get hold of the same x-co-ordinate, the one towards arrow should bring higher number. Further, it is not necessary, and in fact also not suitable to number the events consecutively. It would be a wear intent to number the events as 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 in the above diagram rather of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. T his affords interpellation of more activities and events omitted by inadvertency or having shape necessary in view of certain logic revisions. It was mentioned earlier that it is lovable that all the activity arrows point from left to right. If the arrow is straight it may point down or upwards.For the pursuit of preventability it is to be recommended that activities emanating from one event or converge to another may make as great angles between themselves as feasible. A a few(prenominal) more conventions are give below (i) economize the arrow to the thoroughgoing right. (ii) As utmost as likely neutralize lottery arrows that cross each other. normally by suitable reach the network diagram it is possible to rescind this. (iii) Where, however, crossway is unavoidable, bridging may be done. This applies to dummies as well. campaign boldly a large-scale network. littler ones are confusing. practice of pencil and surface is recommended. elaborate sop up the by- line dependency relationships by means of network diagrams. The Alphabets stand for activities. 1. A & B overcome F B and C control G. 2. A & B control F B Controls G plot of ground C controls G and H. 3. A controls F and G B controls G while C controls G and H. 4. A controls F and G B and C control G with H depending upon C. 5. F & G are controlled by A, G and H are controlled by B with H controlled by B and C. 6. A controls F, G and H B controls G and H with H controlled by C. reaction The necessitate networks are attached in figure -15 Exercise sustain out the bony (unnecessary) dummy activities in the network below. BEH C AF G D construe 16 JKL M FG AB CDE H M IK Figure 14 raw material locomote complex in drawing a CPM/PERT network Network is outlined as a diagram representing the activities and events of a project, their sequence and inter-relationships. The elementary travel complex in drawing a network are i) Breaking up of the entire project into small system s know as tasks. ii) For each hang in picture the activities and events to be performed. iii) For each activity condition the predate and win activities. iv) For each activity determine or estimate the time and other resources needed. v) aim a network depicting the concourse of tasks into a project.Network winding bother 1 The activities composite in the computer initiation process are dilate below. You are required to draw the network. ActivityPredecessor Activities A. physiologic preparationnone B. organisational planningnone C. ain SelectionB D. Equipment InstallationA E. individualised TrainingC F. flesh out systems designC G. cross-file ConversionF H. earn standards and controlsF I. broadcast preparationH J. Programme TestingI K. parallel operationsD, E, G, J. L. finalise systems documentationI M. happen upK, L B C (ii) AA none A no(prenominal) B B B D C D A A D (iii)C