Friday, July 26, 2019

How income inequality effects teen pregnancy Research Proposal

How income inequality effects teen pregnancy - Research Proposal Example (Rich, 2012). According to a survey conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, â€Å"nearly 330,000† girls of an age group from 15 to 19 are reported to be pregnant in a year (Ipatenco, 2014). Inspite of a decrease in American teen childbirth for the last 10 to 20 years, among the most developed countries, the United States have the highest level of pregnant teenagers than other developing countries (Rich, 2012). Scientist have been trying for years to â€Å"untangle† the mixed complication among different aspects like education, economic, culture and contraception which cause pregnancy during teenage (Rich, 2012). Scholarly studies reveal that there is a direct â€Å"connection† between teenage pregnancy and income inequality (Oakes & Jolicoeur, 2012). This study intends to find out the relationship between income inequality and teenage pregnancy as this is becoming the most discussed public problem in present day. Teenage childbirth has a big risk on mother as well as the child. Many studies have identified a relation between â€Å"income inequality† and teen pregnancy. Researchers contemd that the teens living in a place where the income inequality is greater, in such a situation they are not able to grow up to their needs of life, such teenagers tend to lose their hope and get on the path of depression, which forces them into a carefree life style (Oakes & Jolicoeur, 2012). The authors say that not only income inequality can be stated as a reason for teen childbirth but this is a â€Å"topic† which needs more studies (Rich, 2012). To overcome this problem , various aspects that lead to the problem need to be identified and accordingly solutions for the same must be found out. Hence through this research the reasons and preventive measures for this issue will be discussed. The rate of teenage pregnancy was

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