Friday, August 23, 2019

Reseach (criminology) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reseach (criminology) - Essay Example Campbell (1981) suggested that males were expected to be prosecuted, whereas females are overlooked. Pollak (1961) indicated that females’ offences were hidden and guilty offenders signified only a small fraction of female crime. Heidensohn (1985) suggests that: A qualitative research design was used in the study. The reason for not using a quantitative research design is that it involves extensive surveys and field researches, which was beyond the scope of the present study. For this paper, extensive research of the available literature on the subject was carried out. Widely representative samples of journals related to the topic were selected. Furthermore, recent data from the British Crime Survey was also used in the study. Secondary data in form of fifty journals and recent facts and figures from the British Crime Survey was used as a research method in the study. The reason for this was that the authors of the journals used in the study had already carried out extensive empirical researches on the matter and their findings could be analyzed to get a comprehensive view of the area under study. Also, the British Crime Survey provided an overall view of the number of crimes committed by men and women. The data collected for the research w as both valid and reliable as empirical research had already been carried out by the authors of the journals selected in the research. Moreover, the British Crime Survey is a reliable source of data. Once the journals had been carefully selected, a careful content analysis of the articles was carried out using the Nvivo software which is a valuable tool in interpreting unstructured qualitative data (QSR international 2010). The limitations of the research are that firstly, the British Crime Survey only provides reported crimes. This means that the there could be variance in the data if the unreported crimes were also included in

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