Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Swot analysis of BP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Swot analysis of BP - Essay Example The company is responsible for converting natural resources into power energy. Now British Petroleum is trying to find fuel resources that reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse gases. The company is trying to accomplish its sustainability mission by finding alternative fuel resources like wind power, solar power, fossil fuels, hydrogen, and natural gas. On the basis of market capitalization British Petroleum is the second largest operating oil and gas company of United State and has number of strengths. First, the strength of the company lies in its successful operations and ability to generate high revenue. Just after a year of the most annihilating oil explosion occurred at British Petroleum’s oil resource in the Gulf of Mexico, the company successfully earned profit of $5.3 billion Stonaker, (2011). This shows the strength of the company because it recovered very soon. It has been argued by many researchers that the oil spill occurred due to mismanagement and poor safety precautions but the quick recovery and ability to bounce back shows how efficient the company is in its operations. Second, important strength of BP is its increasing demand. Bob Dudley in his speech said that the demand of British Petroleum’s products is continuously increasing day by day due to our efficient production and supply, and our search for oil and gas reserves is one of our greatest strength. He further said, 96% of our demand growth comes from developing countries like India and China, this shows we are still market leader in oil and gas industry around the globe. One, criticism on Mr. Dudley’s speech is that he disguised the potential problems that BP is facing in setting up its operations in emerging countries due to their poor law and order situation and terrorism. Petroleum is leading deep-water company because it possesses largest deep-water oil spills and these oil spills

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