Saturday, October 19, 2019

Research proposal- air pollution around london and child health Essay

Research proposal- air pollution around london and child health - Essay Example The data for use in the project will be in the form of both descriptive and inferential statistics while the analysis will employ both qualitative and quantitative methods. About academic and scholarly articles, industrial air pollution significantly affects children health. An analytical comparison of London and other non-industrial cities the world helps to establish the above statement. This project proposal aims at highlighting the neglected issue of industrial pollution on the health of city residents. This research proposal is about air pollution around London and child health. The research is therefore aimed at investigating the effects of air pollution and its significance on public health. Previous research has established air pollution in central London to affect all the people living and working in the English capital city. In 2008, statistics from the London Local Government estimated 4,000 deaths to be related to air pollution (KuÈnzli et. al, 2000) . Over the past 50 years, the U.K Government has made several significant steps towards the reduction of air pollution. However, the latest research findings have found children to be the most vulnerable age group alongside older people. Asthma the most familiar childhood chronic respiratory disorder is on the increase in London and other industrialized cities. In the 1980’s, childhood asthma’s prevalence shot up by approximately 40%. Several factors have been associated with asthma and other respiratory diseases. These factors include biological and environmental factors. Biological factors include one’s genetic composition and allergy reactions. Environmental factors include tobacco smoke, dust mites and air pollution. Previous studies have directly linked ozone and particulate forms of air pollution as the primary causes of asthma in children (KuÈnzli et al, 2000). Several organizations globally have recognized the damage

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