Thursday, October 31, 2019

Sales & Purchasing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sales & Purchasing - Case Study Example This paper reflects on a sales report and an action plan by John Ziegler, a newly promoted sales manager working for Arapahoe Pharmaceutical Company based in Dallas. The market territory occupied in Dallas by Arapahoe pharmaceutical is very ripe with a high number of health facilities and physicians. The amount of physicians contacted by the company throughout the year totaled to fifteen thousand and one hundred, 15,100 as shown in table 2 above. This reflected in the enterprise performance in the total number of sales attained for the year. Totals sales for the year reached an impressive figure of three million, five hundred and fifty-nine thousand, 3,559,000. Sales numbers of this magnitude indicate the excellent effort made by the company’s sales department. It is appropriate to note the significant improvement of sales representatives’ performance from the previous year. Arapahoe pharmaceutical’s annual sales increased from two million, eight hundred and fifteen thousand, 2,815,000, for the last year. This indicates an improvement of over twenty-five percent, 25.3% (Summer, 2013). Marty Nakai topped the sales representatives’ performance list by managing to sell products worth six hundred and twenty-five thousand, 625,000. Dick McClure, Bill Morrison and Tom Jones were other top performers each managing to sell products worth over five hundred and fifty thousand. Peggy Doyle was bottom of the performance list. This is because she was new and had only been active for four months. Another rookie sales representative was Larry Palmer, who managed to sell products worth one hundred and eighty-one thousand after being active for a period of eight months. Jared Murphy managed to sell products worth three hundred and seventy-five thousand for the whole year. Almost all sales people performed well in terms of sales during the year (Summer, 2013). All member of Arapahoe Pharmaceutical Company sales team improved on

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