Saturday, October 5, 2019

Spanish American War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Spanish American War - Essay Example The two interpretations made each side disapprove the rulings that failed to favor their argument (Brinkley 56). This is despite the ruling bodies’ intention which is to correct history and ensure that there will be no similar instances in future or hidden enmity among the states involved. Court and revisionist interpretations have yielded to diverse and conflicting arguments regarding the Spanish American War, where America resulted in justifying its involvement (Nunez 50). The aspect of Cuban humiliation while under Spanish rule prompted unwilling America to be involved in the war. America argued that they were keenly watching the atrocities Spanish rulers were executing in Cuba devoid of considering the welfare of the citizens. Initially, America was unwilling to intervene, but due to constant pleading by its neighbours (Cuba), it had no alternative. According to America, it did not intend to indulge in the war, but their involvement emanated from the sinking of Maine battl eship. This did infuriate the Americans who, due to political influences, forced William McKinley to a revolt. The chance came at an opportune time when they were wishing Cuban freedom from the Spanish dominion, which resulted in the eruption of a severe war. America claimed that its intentions were sincere and meant best for the Cuban citizens (Hernandez 7). Additionally, court interpretation argued that besides America’s humanitarian involvement in the war, it also wanted to support Cuba in attaining independence. This was from the citizen’s early constant plea prior to engaging the Spanish resistance to avenge for the sinking of their battleship. America intended Cuba to cease from being a Spanish colony where, via its naval engagement, managed easily to defeat their opponents, thus making Cubans starting their journey to independence (Hernandez 11).

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