Thursday, October 24, 2019

Television and Media - Link between TV Violence and the Violence of Chi

The Link between TV Violence and the Violence of Children      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Children watch a lot of television.   TV has even become a babysitter.   There is more violence portrayed on television than in earlier years.   Crime has increased steadily over the years as well.   Many children have been involved in violent crimes in recent years, and there is a link between violence on television and the increase in crime.    As early as 1960, Leonard Eron and L. Rowell Huesmann, researchers in Columbia County,   New York, discovered a connection between violence on TV and how aggressively children behaved. Children seeing violence on TV, beginning as young as eight years old, exhibited more aggressive behavior.   As they grew older, still watching violence on TV, the aggressive behavior continued. There seemed to be a cumulative effect in the children's behavior.   Being aggressive as a child is a good indicator as to the type of behavior that will be exhibited as an adult.   Several studies followed participants over three decades and revealed that those people, who showed the most aggressive behavior at age eight, had continued to be aggressive and had the most arrests for violent crimes (Mortimer, 1-4).    At the Indiana University Center for Adolescent Studies, researchers asked kids what causes fights. The kids said gossip and bullying.   The survey showed that those kids who exhibited the highest bullying behavior also watched violence on TV, fought, misbehaved at home as well as in the community, and were disciplined forcefully by their parents.   The bullies had fewer adult role models and less contact with adults. Also, not possessing the social skills for coping with co... 3 Oct. 2000. Levin, Diane E., and Nancy Carlsson-Paige. "Disempowering the 'Power Rangers'." Education Digest 61.9 (1996): 1-5. Online. 3 Oct. 2000. Mortimer, Jeffrey. "How TV Violence Hits Kids." Education Digest 60.2 (1994): 1-4. Online. 3 Oct. 2000. Richey, Warren. "Group Enlists Parents to Fight TV Violence." Christian Science Monitor 88.245 (1996): 1-2. Online. 3 Oct. 2000. Institute on Media and Family in Minneapolis", which can be accessed on the Internet at "TV Violence and Kids." Education Digest 62.1 (1996): 1-4. Online. 3 Oct. 2000. Zuckerman, Mortimer B. "The Victims of TV Violence." U.S. News & World Report 115.5 (1993): 1-2. Online. 3 Oct. 2000.               

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